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The Internal Complaints Committee was established to protect against discrimination and sexual harassment of women at work as well as for the prevention and redress of complaints of sexual harassment and matters connected with or incidental thereto.

Contact: +91967744476

The ICC comprises of the following members

S.No. Name OF The Member Designation Status
1 Mrs. Vaishnavi N Assoc. Prof, ECE Coordinator
2 Mrs. K Jeevana Asst. Prof, EEE Member
3 Mrs. T.Harikrishna Asst. Prof, IT Member
4 Mrs. Cherukuri Anusha Non-teaching Staff, Library Member
5 Mrs. D Annapurna Non-teaching Staff, CSE Member
6 Mrs. BathiniArunakumari External Member Member
7 Ms. Sk Amrin UG Student, ECE Member
8 Ms. Tanneru Sai Mahalakshmi PG Student, MBA Member

The following are the objectives of the internal complaint committee to prevent sexual harassment of women at work:
  • To create a perpetual structure for the Institute's use in preventing and addressing cases of sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based violence
  • To uphold the Institute's commitment to creating an environment free from gender-based discrimination
  • To prevent any act of sexual harassment, to foster a safe physical and social environment, and to increase awareness of sexual harassment in all its forms
  • To spread awareness of the laws and rights that pertain to women
  • To encourage NGO contributions to the arena of women's development