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Extra-Curricular Activities Committee

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S.NO Name OF The Member Designation Status
1 Dr.G.V.K.Murthy Principal Chairman
2 Mr.I.Madhusudhanarao Asst.Professor- PE&S Coordinator
3 Dr.R.Veeranjaneyulu Dean ofstudents’ affairs Member
4 Mr.M.V. Ramana Babu CAO Member
5 Mr. V.Ravindra Asst.Professor-PE&S Member
6 Mr.V. Raju Asst.Professor- PE&S Member
7 Mr.N. Nasaraiah Asst.Professor- PE&S Member
8 Mr.S.Ankarao Asst.Professor-CE Member
9 Mr.CH,Ravindra Asst.Professor-CSE Member
10 Mr.B.Suresh Kumar Asst.Professor-EEE Member
11 Mr.G.Subba Rao Asst.Professor-ECE Member
12 Dr.B.Haribabu Asst.Professor-H&S Member
13 Mr.G.Nagarjuna Asst.Professor-IT Member
14 Mr.CH.Chandrasekhar Asst.Professor-MBA Member
15 Mr.P.Kiran Babu Asst.Professor-ME Member
16 Mr.A.Prudhvi Krishna Asst.Professor-Diploma Member

S.No Name OF The Member Designation Status
1 Dr. G.V.K.Murthy Principal Chairman
2 Mrs. T. Jhansi Lakshmi Asst.Professor Coordinator-1
3 Mrs. M. Sandhya Rani Asst.Professor Coordinator-2
4 Dr, R. Veeranjaneyulu Dean ofstudent’s affairs Member
5 Mr. M. V. Ramana Babu CAO Member
6 Mr. SVS. Phanindra Asst.Professor-H&S Member
7 Mr. G. Ezri Babu Asst.Professor-CE Member
8 Mr. M. Mallikharjuna Asst.Professor-EEE Member
9 Mr. N. Vijay kumar Asst.Professor-ME Member
10 Mrs. D. K. Kavitha Asst.Professor-ECE Member
11 Mrs. N. Sirisha Asst.Professor-CSIT Member
12 Mr. G. Aruna Asst.Professor-IT Member
13 Mr. G. Hari Krishna Murthy Asst.Professor-AIDS Member
14 Ms. Y.Aruna Asst.Professor-AIML Member
15 Ms. D.Annapurna Asst.Professor-CSE Member
16 Mr. G.Ezribabu Asst.Professor-CE Member
17 Mrs. B. Ayyappa Jyothi Asst.Professor-Diploma Member
18 Ms. k. Saritha Asst.Professor-MBA Member
19 Ms. G. Anuhya Reddy Student Coordinator-EEE Member
20 Ms. K. Lakshmi Dhanusha Student Coordinator-CSE Member
21 Ms. T. Snehalatha Reddy Student Coordinator-IT Member
22 Mr. G. Venkata Sai Kartheek Student Coordinator-ECE Member


  • To plan for organizing extra-curricular activities in the campus under various clubs
  • To prepare a list of students and take prior approval from the Principal before nominating them to participate in various extra-curricular activities organized by the neighboring institutions.
  • To prepare the calendar for extra-curricular activities – Cultural, Painting, Short Films, Music and Dance, Acting, skits etc.,
  • To send a request to the Principal to award attendance for the participants in various activities
  • To make arrangements for the students to participate in off-campus activities of international, national, state and local level competitions
  • To invite experts in various fields to conduct technical sessions, demonstrations etc.