Women Welfare Sexual Harassment Eradication Cell

Ours is a land where, from, our ancestors treats Women as Goddess. In the modern world Women are not weak sex but strong contributors to the Nation building. No Women is less than men in any matter. Our institute believes in this and gives utmost respect to the women. If a little bit of encouragement is given to women they supersede men in any field.Strongly believing in this myth, our institute provide all the encouragement to women to excel in their field of expertise. A separate Women Welfare Sexual Harassment Eradication Cell is established in the college to provide all the necessary encouragement to women to prove their capabilities and enhance capacity building.

As the Government of India has a view of ending all the violence against women, it has framed an Act, 2013 from the Indian constitution.

Therefore, the Institution has reframed the Internal Committee with the following members

S.No Faculty Name Department Committee Designation
01 Ms. N.N. Swetha English Convener
02 Ms. K. Anusha EEE Co-Convener
03 Ms. G. Hymavathi CIVIL Member
04 Ms. V. Priyanka ECE Member
05 Ms. Sd. Shahina ME Member
06 Ms. SK. Heena Kousar CSE Member
07 Ms. G. Sreedevi IT Member
08 Ms. Divya Bharathi AME Member
09 Ms.CH. Hanuma Jyothi MBA Member
Functions of the Women Empowerment cell
  • To organize meetings for women and sensitize them on security measures and on their conduct and behavior, so as to avoid untoward incidents.
  • To ensure that the women students concentrate more on their studies than on other permissive activities.
  • To ensure that the women students wear dress appropriately and talk, walk, and behave modestly including body language in order to avoid focused attention.
  • To keep a women mentor (who is an awakened female student) in each class to guide others on proper lines and to bring sensitive matters to the notice of the Committee, if any, for taking further follow up action.
  • To prohibit use of cell phones by the women students and to conduct surprise checks to detect use of cell phones and to take prompt follow up action.
  • To create a good vision for the women students which can gravitate them towards it.
  • To take effective measures in order to improve the academic standards and employability skills of the women students in co ordination with the Academic Committee and Training and Placements Department, as it will go a long way in empowering the women.
  • To develop women students as inner-inspired, self-motivated, self-esteemed and self-disciplined persons, who can realize their aspirations by keeping great women such as Chanda Kochhar,Aung San Suu Kyi their role models.
  • To counsel the women students by giving guidelines and tips to handle any awkward, embarrassing and sensitive situations, including ragging, teasing, harassing etc. intelligently and cleverly instead of becoming a victim of such situations.