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The Department of Master of Business administration was established in 2009-10. The department offers two year post graduate programme in MBA with an annual intake of 180 seats. The curriculum for the programme is designed by JNTUK, to give graduates exposure to management skills needed for the creation of specialists who can integrate across functional areas in a dynamic organization. The Program provides a broad perspective of all areas of management.


To generate top quality business graduate professionals by imparting quality education and training, so that they can meet the industrial needs by taking up existing, new business and social challenges. .


To provide quality professional education and effective development in the domain of business management and administration by inculcating professional behavior, ethical values and strong leadership skills.

Programme Objectives

1. Graduates undertake diverse careers in global management, administration and entrepreneurship.
2. Graduates possess professional competence to do higher studies, research, lifelong learning for continuous growth and development.
3. Graduates are responsible citizens and leaders to empower the business organizations through their ethical, social and legal business solution.

Case Study Methodology

Case based teaching methodology occupies a prominent role at PITS teaching. The Case Method assists students in identifying typical problems in specific functional areas of management. It is expected that students will study cases, comprehend the business situation, analyze the problems and come up with alternatives/solutions and then discuss the case in class. A good case is a very powerful instrument in evaluating a student as it puts the student into the shoes of the real-world managers who must face the challenge of decision-making. Thus the Program offered at PITS will transform the student to be ready to meet the challenges of today’s corporate world.