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The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 2009-2010. The Department offers a four year graduate program in Civil Engineering with an annual intake of 180 students. The Department has grown tremendously over the years. The Department is actively involved in basic and applied research and consultancy to provide high quality technical advisory support through various R & D projects.


To expose graduates to emerging issues and approaches to problem-solving in order to meet the changing needs of the society and the Indian industry in areas related to Civil Engineering design, planning, and construction.


The department is dedicated to familiarize graduates with professional issues in Civil Engineering including: environment protection, professional ethics, issues related to the global economy, emerging technologies and fostering of job related skills with emphasis on improved communication skills.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The Civil Engineering program will produce graduates that, within a few years of graduation, will
1. Actively engage in problem solving using engineering principles to address the evolving needs of the society.
2. be able to succeed in positions in civil engineering practice or research, and in other fields they choose to pursue and enroll in advanced studies.
3. Make ethical decisions and demonstrate a commitment to service to the profession and society.
4. Acquire a position or degree that values adaptability and innovation in their work.
5. Pursue lifelong learning, and to be leaders, both in their chosen profession and in other activities.

Innovative Practices

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with people, civilization of a country, their needs and basic facilities. So as long as there are humans and as long as we have natural phenomenon like earthquakes and tornadoes civil engineers will be required.

Students are encouraged to come up with ideas on their own and the department provides all the facilities required to materialize those ideas into actual projects. The department has proficiency in all the core areas of Civil Engineering and its faculty is recognized for their research activities. The department has state–of-the-art laboratory. We are determined to provide and apply appropriate techniques, resources, modern engineering methods and tools, including prediction and modeling to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems with understanding of limitations. The studentsare trained in all aspects to procure an ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.

Faculty Student Interaction

The department has a distinguished faculty. Our faculty is actively involved in training students and preparing them for the future ahead. The students can interact freely with faculty on all matters related to studies.

Cultural Activities

The department is dedicated to the overall development of the students and students are actively involved in organizing various cultural activities. To build teamwork and leadership skills the department has a habit of conducting technical symposium which includes Project Expos, PPTs, Elocution, Essay writing, quizzes, sports and games, spot acts, cultural programmes etc., The department also encourages students to participate in various project exhibitions and students regularly bring accolade to the department and the college.


Civil Engineering students are characterized by their ability to create solutions. Students may like to build and create projects, to use their hands and draw. They know where and how to build a road, home, civic center, or bridge. To satisfy the needs of the students and to encourage their innovative practices the department possesses a library, multimedia, e-class rooms, internet facility, which is Wi-Fi enable. The faculty and students are encouraged to contribute in various national and international conferences, workshops and seminars. The Department is well equipped with high qualified and experienced faculty, well-resourced with adequate laboratories with the latest equipment and software. In order to enhance the technical knowledge in students, the department organizes frequent guest lectures and maintains a close association with industry and academia which enables the students to experience the industrial environment. The department also encourages students to participate in various paper presentations and project exhibitions at different colleges.


A career in civil engineering is both challenging and rewarding. Civil engineer has ample career opportunities in different areas as well as planning, designing and manages a variety of construction projects. To prepare graduates for successful careers in various domains of Civil Engineering Profession by providing a strong foundation in mathematical analysis, scientific reasoning, and sound engineering fundamentals necessary to solve practical problems. The students are trained and developed to understand the scientific laws to meet the needs of modern architecture.